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Walter Jones Misses Practice with Back Spasms, Undergoes MRI

It's pretty quiet on the training camp front, but this update from Danny O'Neil should raise some eyebrows.

LT Walter Jones missed his second day of practice after suffering back spasms. Coach Jim Mora said it's nothing too serious, and Jones was slated for a nearly full slate of team drills on Sunday until his back locked up. Jones did have an MRI taken, though.

The long and the short of it is Jones is 35 years old and entering his 13th season in the league. The microfracture knee surgery he underwent last season is the most serious surgery of his career. Should it be successful is will alleviate pain in his knee. But no matter how successful it cannot cure the strain of an NFL season. The strain of twelve NFL seasons before it on a now 35 year old body. So this kind of stuff is going to come up. Hopefully it's nothing. Back spasms are a painful bastard, but back spasms go away. Usually. But Walter Jones is nearing the end and we don't need to know exactly how it will end to know that it will soon end.