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Matt Hasselbeck Hits Mike Vrabel for Six the Other Way

It only took two plays for Seattle to put six on the board for Kansas City. Matt Hasselbeck owns the blame.

2. Seattle executed a nice run to the outside left on its first play. John Carlson and Sean Locklear held the short edge on the left and Julius Jones hugged it into the second level. Inside line play stopped the outside rush. Inside linebacker Corey Mays, a depth player fighting to win a starting position in the NFL, tackled Jones after a rush of six.

Let's jump back to just after the snap. When Carlson and Locklear were creating the edge and Jones was just approaching. Steve Vallos snaps and struggles to fight into the second level. He can't angle Mays and isn't strong enough to effectively reach block him. Mays runs past Vallos and towards the left end. He caps Jones' seam and tackles him after six.

1. The interception is simple. Simple enough Hasselbeck should have had no problem avoiding it. Seattle sets trips on the left, wide receiver right, running back left and Hasselbeck in the shotgun. Defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast stays 3-4, but with the outside linebackers pressing the line and the inside linebackers playing over the Seahawks bunch.

Right flanker Deion Branch gets inside position on Brandon Flowers and slants inside. Mike Vrabel motions blitz but drops into a curl zone on the offensive right. He is retreating into Branch's passing lane. Hasselbeck guns the ball over Vrabel; Vrabel tips the ball and redirects it over Branch and to Flowers. Flowers returns it for the score.

As mistakes go, this one won't get Hasselbeck cut. The outcome was much worse than the mistake, but Hasselbeck either didn't see Vrabel or underestimated him.