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Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Report: 8/4/2009

It's easy to get stars in your eyes attending practice. Yes, these guys are fast. No, no one seriously believes Brian Russell is anything but one of the finest athletes in the world. One Percenter, as the Hells Angels used to say, does not begin to do these players justice. You probably had a one percenter at your high school playing quarterback and getting good grades, because the Endicott College Gulls were only offering a partial scholarship. As a fan of local bands, local art and open mic nights at local comedy clubs, something I've learned is that you have to pretty damn good to even be mediocre.

As a fan it's better to lose perspective, ooh when Batman rides his motorcycle up the building - to quote a personal aphorism that can't possibly make sense to anyone else - but for anyone attempting serious analysis of the team and its talent, a healthy almost robust skepticism is necessary, and practice isn't the place for that.

Practice should be a time for positive developments. Everyone should look good and active and able and engaged and a potential world beater, because every NFL franchise has assembled the best, most hard working, capable, focused and talented football players on earth. The difference between the best of the best and the best is almost imperceptibly small - until the two compete.

For now: wide-eyed optimism. We can begin something approaching analysis starting August 15.


Lofa Tatupu. The team's middle linebacker flaunted his multidimensional game during the full-pads, 105-minute practice - just the latest defensive player to take coordinator Gus Bradley's pep talk on Sunday night to heart.

Tatupu's most impressive efforts came in a blitz drill, where the linebackers were matched against running backs. Tatupu beat fullback Dan Curran and running backs T.J. Duckett and Justin Forsett.

15 Sacks in 2009!

Cornerback Josh Wilson had a good day, corralling two picks during the evening session, including one during team drills on a pass intended to T.J. Houshmandzadeh over the middle of the defense that had quarterback Matt Hasselbeck yelling "Oh,no" moments after releasing the pass.

30 INterCepshuns!

"He is very wise for his age," defensive coordinator Gus Bradley said of the 29-year-old [Cory] Redding. "I don't think anybody would guess he would be in his late 20s. He handles himself in the locker room and on the field like he's a guy who has been in the league for 13, 14 years. I think that comes with why he [gets] so much respect from the team."

Future senator!