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Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Report: 8/4/2009

On with the daily link dump and then to bed with this fagged out woolyback.

First to bat is Eric Williams. He spotlights the defense.

Pass rush drills were interesting today. Rob Sims and Cory Redding went against each other for the first time, and it was worth the price of the ticket. Sims won the first one, basically shucking an off-balanced Redding to the ground. But Redding came back during the second battle to get the best of Sims.

Sims really has looked solid during first few days of camp, and is playing with a lot of confidence.

I've been a Sims fan a long time. One of my first scouting reports for Field Gulls was on Sims. That was two and half years ago, after Sims stepped in and helped revitalize a 2006 Seahawks rushing attack that went from suck to productive. Sims proved to be a better pass blocker than run blocker. His run blocking was not awful, it was just sometimes awful. Memorably awful. For all the grief he endured in 2007 -- Sims was the designated scapegoat for Shaun Alexander and his dismantled foot -- he was a big part of Seattle's passing attack. Matt Hasselbeck was a surgeon, and Seattle's leading receiver was Bobby Engram, and it was Seattle's pass blocking and the consistent time it created that made that possible. Sims was Seattle's best interior pass blocker.

The angle on Redding is: What kind of pressure will he create at left defensive end? I would guess moderate hustle pressure with a chance for four to seven sacks. Some of which would be blitz-created sacks. But I think he'll contribute beyond that on pass defense. Redding is a big dude. He's a 3-4 size end. Seattle plans on blitzing its linebackers around the edge and opponents are going to have a tough time touching Aaron Curry when they must avoid Redding to get to him.

Update: 7:44

A little more about Redding from Farnsworth:

[Redding's] "too-short" practice included tossing 308-pound tackle Sean Locklear to the ground in the pass-rush drill, playing off a block by tackle Ray Willis to "sack" Matt Hasselbeck and getting to Justin Forsett before the gnat-quick running back could get to the line of scrimmage.

All in a day’s work for the player the Seahawks obtained in a March trade with the Detroit Lions.

"A little bit here, a little bit there," Redding said when asked about his versatility, and productivity. "I just try to make plays when my number is called."

I knew Redding was good, but I wasn't entirely sure if he was healthy. And good but not healthy equals bad and frustrating. I expect the Seahawks to do their darndest to protect Redding during the preseason (The Lions managed to strap him to a post and pacify him with something called "Rex Burgers") and that means not playing, but watch him when he gets out there, because you're gonna love him. He's a fun guy to watch work.

Redding wasn't the only addition to impress*, Courtney Greene merited mention:

So that’s why the Seahawks drafted Greene in the seventh round. The rookie safety from Rutgers is playing with the No. 3 defense, but he made impressive back-to-back plays Tuesday. The first was that soaring interception of a Mike Teel pass. But Greene followed that up by delivering a solid shot on rookie running back Devon Moore.

Greene will impress, but he'll frustrate too. He's playing for a special team spot. I've said it before, Greene's speed, ferocity and upper body strength make him a great fit at gunner. Don't get down on him if he blows cover or bites play-action. That's where Greene is in his development.

*Is that the most trite segue in the history of Field Gulls? I think it just might be.