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Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Report: Matt Hasselbeck Ices his Elbow (He's fine (No really))

Kansas City signed Tyson Jackson today. That set off a flurry of speculation that Seattle is not far from signing Aaron Curry. I find this a less than provocative story. My major interest is that when Seattle signs Curry, I will be responsible for reporting and providing analysis. Not on the contract. Although I'm sure we'll see that. As if there's much wiggle room for either party and therefore much room for "analysis". I could probably guesstimate the amount, guaranteed amount, length and signing date of the contract and be reasonably close. Were I man of lesser scruples or maybe just savvier, I could dummy a report, claim a source, be believably close, get a ton of site hits and, ironically, credibility, and be utterly full of shit.


Matt Hasselbeck iced his sore elbow. There was a time I ignored training camp minutia. Now I imagine every sore back a slipped disc, every sore knee degenerative cartilage, and Hasselbeck's sore elbow the later stages of Lyme disease. He does hale from Massachusetts you know, and New England deer ticks are as big as stingrays with lighted abdomens and spirochaetes molting from their epicuticles. Ticks so big you need an AA-12 to kill`em*.

Seattle has been practicing out of shotgun sets, and Hasselbeck commented on the adjustment.

[E]xpect the Seahawks to use the shotgun more. Hasselbeck said he likes being back in the gun more often, which was a rarity when Mike Holmgren was here.

"I need to practice it, he said. "We've done some shotgun here in the past, but we really didn't practice it. You like to practice what you're going to do in games. We're making everything realistic and situational. You've seen a lot on third situations, we just go gun right away because that's what realistic. So it's been good."

If you can't tell, I'm a little punchy. This practice schedule takes a toll on a person that wakes at 2am. So I'll leave it a that for now. Tomorrow I start my pilgrimage to training camp. I'll file first hand reports for parts of next week. That should lead nicely into Saturday the 15th's preseason game against San Diego. It's gettin' that time again, folks, it's getting that time..






*There's sort of a parasite and vector theme around here today. We should get back to warfare. Warfare is classic metaphor for football. Let's hope the Seahawks defense, like the AA-12, become vectors of carnage.