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Brandon Mebane Scares the Ball Out of Larry Johnson's Hands

It lasted three plays and ended with something the commentators rushed to call luck. Seattle started poorly, manned up and then scared the ball right outta Larry Johnson's hands.

3. Darryl Tapp exploded through Mike Goff and into the backfield. He had Jamaal Charles dead to rights and was a quick move inside and a wrap from finishing the tackle for a loss. Then Goff did something bush league that didn't get caught. He took his palms and bracketed Tapp by his back and sternum, and then fell back and to the ground. Tapp, his momentum and weight forward, fell with him and was out of the play.

Then, hijinks.

Lofa Taupu, Leroy Hill and Aaron Curry bringin' up the rear circle around offensive left and are out of the play when Charles cuts back offensive right. Lawrence Jackson follows the ball and loses contain on the right. Brian Russell slip-and-slides through the pile loosing an audible "Whee!"

Red Bryant gets angry. He finishes playing and slaps off Rudy Niswanger, cuts right and engulfs Charles. Consider: Charles ran a 4.38 at the NFL Combine, but Bryant tracks him down. He reaches and is front of him and squared when he makes the tackle. It's a punishing chest thump tackle. Charles buries a shoulder and Bryant buries him, allowing almost no progress after first contact. Right in the middle of it, Bryant swipes at the ball, attempting to force a fumble. He's not sacrificing the tackle to force a fumble. The tackle is made, Bryant is taking advantage of the idle moments before Charles' torso breaks his fall.

2. Seattle stacks the pile. Larry Johnson shows his worth by scrapping for three.

1. Goff is attempting to pull left. He - all offensive linemen - have about two-tenths of a second advantage over the opposing defender*. Goff is supposed to get out and his linemates are supposed to fill his absence. Boom! goes Brandon Mebane. He slices through the gap and sprints offensive left. He beats Curry, marvelously fast around the left edge in his own right, and the two are giving Johnson predatory stares in Johnson's backfield before he can even touch the ball. He touches the ball but refuses to take it. It slips to the ground and Johnson falls on it for a loss of three.

Follow the jump to see Brandon Mebane play peekaboo.