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First Game of the NFL Season Open Thread

I am working on something but it won't be done before five. To the game thread.

Hearing someone justify their discarded loyalties with the phrase "a fan of the NFL" used to make my skin crawl. Whoever you are, whatever you do and however big a fan of the NFL you become, you were first a fan of a team. That is something you never give up. Ever. But being a fan of football and NFL football is natural. I find that I love the game more every day. The better you understand something and the more time you dedicate to it, the better you appreciate it and the more a part of you it becomes.

So I am pretty frickin' jazzed for tonight's game. Seattle plays the Titans, so tonight I can eyeball their talent between swigs. I will, as always, record it for later sober scrutinizing. The Titans play the hated Steelers. Some would tell you hating the Steelers is irrational.

So fucking what?

Being a fan is irrational. Loving a team is irrational. Rivalry is always irrational. It's irrational and wonderful and gives me rooting interest in an otherwise neutral game. So c'mon Titans, start the season right, paint Heinz Field red with Ben's entrails.