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Seahawks Unleash Aaron Curry: Tackling Through Traffic

Aaron Curry was charged. He was playing harder than teammates playing for their jobs. He fidgeted and paced pre-snap, occasionally throwing his arms up to incite the crowd. And when the snap came, he was everywhere the ball carrier was going to be.

1-10-OAK 35 (5:54) G.Russell left end to OAK 34 for -1 yards (A.Curry).


Bryant and Michael Bennett attack offensive left. This isolates Nick Reed against the tight end. The right tackle evades left end Derek Walker and pulls into the second level to attempt a cut block. Walker comes free around the right end and begins to pursue. Curry and David Hawthorne flow towards the left. Will Herring shades out to take on the full back. The Raiders are running a stretch left.


Walker is in pursuit. Curry evades the cut block but Hawthorne is caught up in the motion. He stays afoot and assumes backside containment. Red Bryant is being driven back by a center-guard double team. The left tackle peels off Bennett and pulls into the second level. Reed and Bennett have pushed the tight end and left guard into their backfield creating a long angle to the outside. Herring is flying down from the second level to blow up the full back. Curry is picking his way through traffic, twisting behind the center-guard double team and eyeing the ball carrier.


Curry dodges the center, runs behind the left guard --who has now beaten and blown back Bennett-- and angles over and around the too deep Reed. Herring and the fullback are in a pile on the turf. Walker is at Curry's side but can't keep up. Curry closes, squares, buries the shoulder, attempts a strip and then wraps and tackles the back for a loss of one. Walker overruns and falls on his butt.

Essential details: Curry avoids a cut block, runs across the field and through traffic to tackle the running back for a loss.

Herring destroys the full back.

Bennett and Reed create a long angle to the outside.