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Nate Burleson Barely Avoids an Interception

Seattle motions T.J. Houshmandzadeh from right to left and sets in a two wide left, two tight end right, single back formation. The Rams are 4-3 man and flash their outside linebackers in "A" gap blitz before the snap. David Vobora blitzes, Will Witherspoon drops back. Seattle gets good push. Only Sean Locklear sags. The Rams match defensive tackle, playing end, Darrell Scott against Locklear and the bull rush bullies him back. Then a funny thing happens. A crease appears between Locklear and Rob Sims, but Jones dips behind Locklear and takes a circuitous path to the outside. He rushes for eight. Bad decision/good outcome?

Seahawks stretch right, but Steve Vallos is driven deep into the pocket and Jones must break a tackle well before reaching the line. Vobora and Chris Long finish for a loss of one.

Nate Burleson slants but stops before contacting Jonathan Wade. Matt Hasselbeck throws to the spot instead of the man and only Wade's bobble prevents Burleson from creating a pick.