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One Ball Carrier; A Tsunami to Crush Him

Give the teams credit, they kept the play calling interesting. An unbalanced line is not radical, but it is uncommon. Motioning into a bunch is a little less so. St. Louis opened their next drive overloading the left. Donnie Avery started in the backfield, aligned similar to a fullback and playing something like a slot back. Wide left was 272 pound blocking tight end Daniel Fells. Fells motioned in and before he could set the Rams snapped.

Seattle was halfway between a 4-3 and a 3-4 over. Patrick Kerney was on the line but standing. It didn't help Seattle, because standing made Kerney an easy block for McMichael. Avery kicked out and blocked Ken Lucas and the Rams had numbers to the outside: Fells, Avery, center Jason Brown and right tackle Jason Smith shuttle Steven Jackson outside. In a bygone age of Seahawks football, this would have been a disaster.

Leroy Hill hits Fell and bounces towards the sideline. He is containing the outside but is in bad position to tackle. Avery's block stands. Lofa Tatupu sprints over in time for Brown to cut block him. Tatupu stops and sheds, but it buys Jackson time to pass him. Deon Grant is sucked in by the action and overpursues. Jackson slices in. Aaron Curry moves into his path, but is flanked by Smith. Jackson exploits the screen and cuts behind Smith.

Doom, but - Holy Crap! Is that Lawrence Jackson reading the play and running across the field to stop Steven Jackson? Is that Colin Cole joining him a split-second later and making the tackle? Seahawks swarm to the ball. How about that.