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The First Blitz of the Season

1-10-STL 43 (10:15) 10-M.Bulger pass short right to 17-D.Avery to SL 44 for 1 yard (26-J.Wilson).



How it worked:

  1. Patrick Kerney fakes outside rush and then drops into a zone.
  2. Colin Cole and Craig Terrill move forward and then hard right.
  3. Cory Redding edge rushes Jason Smith.
  4. Aaron Curry and Josh Wilson man-cover the left and right wide receiver, respectively.
  5. Ken Lucas, Jordan Babineaux and Deon Grant drop into cover 3.

Redding gets around Smith, but is dropped by Smith just as he approaches Bulger. Tatupu draws the block of Steven Jackson, but is able to shed it. The Rams start with nine blockers, but the fullback squirts into the left flat. Kerney covers him. Redding and Tatupu flush Marc Bulger from the pocket. He targets a retreating Donnie Avery and passes to him. Wilson is there for the immediate tackle.