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The Cutback That Hurt Leroy Hill

Give John Lynch credit. When Darryl Tapp reacted to the cut block by defending and almost intercepting the pass, Lynch was on it in a second. He pointed out the read and complimented Tapp's awareness. That is on the spot analysis that enriches the game.

  1. Before Tapp, Seattle had something brewing. Watch enough snaps and irregularities become conspicuous. St. Louis started out of unbalanced formation: two wide receivers and a tight end to the right, the running back neutral and a lone receiver on the left. The left receiver was tight. An unbalanced formation often means screen or trick play. Of Seattle's four down linemen, only three rushed off the snap. Lawrence Jackson stayed in the blocks for about a quarter second. That's an eternity. He wasn't clueless or dogging it, he was running a delayed stunt. He did, and Jackson had the pressure and the hand in his face that forced Marc Bulger to target Steven Jackson a beat too early.
  2. The next play was negated by a Donnie Avery hold on Josh Wilson. Before the penalty, Leroy Hill blew his assignment. Seattle had stopped St. Louis' blocker, but Jackson cutback right through the hole and away from Hill. Hill was in perfect position, planted to tackle and fell right swinging off Jackson's hip. He stood up, left hand holding his pelvis/upper left thigh and hobbled after the back. Hill checked out of the game on the next play.
  3. Aaron Curry is charged with offsides.
  4. Seattle blankets the Rams receivers and Bulger panic throws it away. Cory Redding creates some minute pressure. I hate when quarterbacks do this.
  5. Bulger fumbles the snap and Patrick Kerney edge rushes him into a desperate toss at a downed Steven Jackson.