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Seattle Seahawks Put Their Foot Down

If you believe in momentum, the Seahawks were a rolling ball of neutron stars after the score. In little over a minute and over the span of three plays, Seattle declared the first touchdown would stand.

3. Will Herring shot the gap and shot past Steven Jackson. Seattle swarmed and finished the tackle, but Herring needs to learn when to slow down and square before lunging at the ball carrier. Thankfully, Lawrence Jackson was there to contain and slow Jackson and Darryl Tapp streaking from the opposite end to tackle him.

2. Seattle dropped the left end and zone-blitzed St. Louis on the next play. Marc Bulger found a lane and zipped it to Donnie Avery, but Josh Wilson was all over him and tipped it away. Wilson may not get an easier matchup all season.

1. Seattle ran a similar blitz out of a nickel package to end the drive. Lofa Tatupu shot the right "A" gap and was through and on Bulger before Richie Incognito even saw him. Good to see Tatupu blitzing head on and not attempting a wending, stunting, overlong and overcomplicated blitz.