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Quick Seahawks Fantasy Takes

I have been working on some content for other sites, but what I contributed to Fake Teams is sufficiently Seahawks focused enough to post here.  I'm not going to snowball you. I don't myself put any thought or effort into fantasy anything. I update my rosters and make moves in fantasy baseball, but I think fantasy football has all the skill of Yahtzee. But like anything, there's something informational to be taken from who and why I pick to be the boom and bust players for the Seahawks. And there is something informational to be gained about Seahawks opponents at Fake Teams.

. . .

Steer Clear

Julius Jones: The 49ers have poured talent into their defense and out from under Mike Nolan's besuited mismanagement, some of that talent is actually beginning to assert itself. Jones broke out against the Rams, but much of his fantasy contribution was isolated to one 62 yard touchdown run. He had a strong showing against the Niners in week two, but that was courtesy Nolna's stubborn insistence on running a nickel defense throughout the game. This Sunday, Seattle will run the ball, and anything short of an early blowout by the Niners, Jones will get carries. But Seattle will distribute carries among Edgerrin James and shifty third-down back Justin Forsett. Jones has the upside of a solid number two back and the downside of a back that grinds out few yards and fewer red zone touches. Stay away.

Safe Bet

John Carlson: I say it often, but I'll say it again, John Carlson is best young tight end in football. Speed freaks never recovered from his forty at the NFL Combine, but Carlson is field fast. His route-running is fluid and efficient like Steve Largent and his hands are secure and stable in traffic. T.J. Houshmandzadeh is listed as probable with back spasms and has missed practice. He should play, but Seattle will rely on Carlson to steal some of those quick-hitters across the middle that define the the Matt Hasselbeck to Houshmandzadeh connection. Carlson is always a steady play in fantasy, but the addition of Greg Knapp's down-field attack and an emergence by Carlson as a red zone threat, have made him a top tight end in 2009.

Waiver Gold

Seahawks Defense: After shutting out the Rams, it might be too late. Fans jump to conclusions after week one, but for a fantasy owner, it's folly not to. Playing wait and see can cost you 1999 Kurt Warner. Seattle's defense might not bust out that big, but the talent is starting to flash. Jim Mora, Gus Bradley and Dan Quinn have taken over for John Marshall. Marshall had his time, but never adapted to the new, looser passing game. He shot his team's in the foot with overly loose zones and by blitzing the house at the exact wrong time. Bradley looks more measured and astute, and he is creating pressure without sabotaging the secondary. It's a slightly banged up unit that could nevertheless thrive against a 49ers offense that strives to be mediocre and forgettable. Better yet, when it gets healthy and has a second shot at the NFC West, Seattle's defense could produce the kind of sack and turnover breakouts that power a fantasy team past its opponent.