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Matt Hasselbeck Fractures Rib

Matt Hasselbeck rolled out right and made a head-first dive for the end zone. As can be seen above or here, Hasselbeck miscalculated the distance and attempting an end zone plunge, took an elbow to his back and jeopardized the Seahawks season. Adam Schefter is reporting that Hasselbeck has a fractured rib, but that "[d]octors tested him for lung, liver and kidney damage and did not find any". For Hasselbeck's sake, that is heartening.

Hasselbeck is signed through 2010. 2009 is his third consecutive season costing more than $9 million against the cap. I will demonstrate this in a later post, but Hasselbeck has played poorly when injured. 2009 is now his third season in four years that he has missed time with injury. He is nearing the end of his career. It might be overdue.