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Reevaluating Denver's Crapulence

Slot in which Seattle will use Denver's 2010 1st round pick: 25th-32nd

Players likely available in that slot: OT Charles Brown, (USC), QB Colt McCoy (Texas), FS Myron Lewis, (Vanderbilt)

Well, it's time for a bit of retooling, isn't it? Denver's one of eight unbeaten teams in the NFL, and while I'm not ready to proclaim them a playoff-caliber team, it is probably time to stop hoping for that top 5 pick. Here's why...

I did a little research over at Pro Football Reference, and Denver has started 19 of its 50 seasons 2-0. The best finish after a 2-0 start was the by XXXIII Champion 1998 team, who went 14-2. The worst? The inaugural, vertical-stripe-socked Mustard-and-brown Donkeys, who went 2-9-1 after their 2-0 start (jeebus, I can hardly believe they are going to wear those again this season... They'll need to send out portable eyewash stations to every home in America).

Let's not go back to the era of Mad Men, though... Let's just look at the last 20 years. The WORST Denver finish after a 2-0 start was in 2007, when they limped to a 7-9 record. Now, let's take a quick look at that 2009 Broncos schedule... this should cheer you up, because it's brutal... this is metal on a Dethklok level. I've bolded the ones I think Denver will win.

@ OAK, DAL, NE, @ SD, bye, @ BAL, PIT, @ DC, SD, NYG, @ KC, @ IND, OAK, @PHI, KC

Yes, of course they COULD win more, but I doubt it. This is still a 6-10 team, at best, in my eyes. That's still a top-ten pick, and like Nicholson said in Mars Attacks... That aint bad.

Call me bitter... Call me a homer, but i still think Seattle finishes with a better record than Denver this year. If not, we still have TWO 1st round picks, which we can parlay to move up, or use straight up, or trade for more picks in lower rounds.

As for Denver's game yesterday? It's extremely difficult to evaluate them based on a ass-whomping of one of the NFL's worst teams (That sounds a bit like the Seahawks a week ago, doesn't it?). Cleveland has scored ONE offensive touchdown in its last 33 quarters of play... ONE! I know that confidence goes a long way (that's what those shaving cream ads told me), but at some point Denver's relative lack of talent is going to catch up to them with a vengeance.

I'll be back with more next week (and perhaps in between). The next one's going to be pretty awkward if Denver is 3-0 and Seattle is 1-2, huh?

More Seahawks coverage is available on my home blog... Dave Krieg's Strike Beard.