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The Seahawks Opening Three and Out Ends with Matt Hasselbeck Bracing for Impact

The crowd roared "Defense! Defense!" The Seattle Seahawks were third and long. Matt Hasselbeck was seconds away from his first sack of the season. Things got worse for Seattle. It allowed long runs, lost starters to injuries and eventually lost to division foe. Things did not start out very good either.

3. Julius Jones picked the inside hole on a stretch right and allowed right outside linebacker Parys Harlson back into the play. He should have run right and away from the unblocked Haralson.

2. The 49ers blitzed both inside linebackers but did not pressure Hasselbeck. He looked at T.J. Houshmandzadeh on the left, drawing Haralson into cover and threw over the middle to his hot read: John Owens. It was the right read and the look off was expert, but Hasselbeck whipped it and the pass sailed. Owens stabbed at the ball and deflected it high into the air.

1. Ray McDonald overwhelmed and knocked over Max Unger. It was a simple bull rush. McDonald got his hands up and pushed him high on his shoulder pads. Unger staggered back. By the time Justin Forsett ran past past him and towards the right flat, Unger was already reeling. McDonald closed on Hasselbeck. Before McDonald sacked him, Hasselbeck clutched the ball and curled for impact.