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Jim Mora Prepared to Start Seneca Wallace

The AP is reporting that Seattle is planning to start Seneca Wallace this week against the Chicago Bears. The meat of this story is a single quote

Asked if he had to plan to face the Bears without Hasselbeck, Mora said, "Right now, we’ll probably do that - unless we get word otherwise.’’

fleshed out to encapsulate the Seahawks various woes. I wouldn't normally link to such a derivative story, but in this case I use it as an excuse to state an opinion and foster discussion.

Matt Hasselbeck is "hoping to play", in his own words. But, is he the best quarterback to start this Sunday? He is likely to be gunshy nursing a broken rib, and however he comports himself, the risk of re- or further injury is great. The Chicago Bears have been ripping apart opposing offensive lines. Seattle was already weak at offensive line and has now lost its best pure pass blocker: Sean Locklear. Pressure and quarterback hits should be expected, whoever Seattle starts and however he plays.

Wallace can scramble, and that could disrupt a suddenly thin Bears linebacker corps. Wallace can also chuck it deep. Chicago is weak at safety and without Brian Urlacher dropping into the deep middle, their cover 2 is broken or shelved. The deep pass would do wonders to assist the run game, and for an offense that looks green and somewhat inept, the deep pass could supply most of Seattle's scoring and yards. The Seahawks can not count on long, well-executed drives.

So, if Hasselbeck can play, should he? I don't think he should. It's a long season and he needs to get healthy and grounded. Wallace is not only the superior play for the good of the season, he might be the superior play to beat the Bears.