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Don't Blame Craig Terrill


One Seahawk did his job, and Lawrence Jackson wasn't enough. Jackson was alone on the right, knocking back pulling left guard David Baas, chipping and disrupting fullback Moran Norris and narrowing Gore's hole to a sliver. The linebackers overpursued and were out of position. Colin Cole was miles in the backfield after completely misreading the play. Red Bryant pursued hard left and abandoned his gap. Putting eight in the box left Seattle's defense thinned out and two dimensional. When Gore exploded out of the hole, he had only Jordan Babineaux to beat. Babineaux took a bad angle, but Gore does this. Give him a clean release into the second level and one to beat, and Gore will. Babineaux was "posterized" so to speak, but he bears less blame than all but Deon Grant, Darryl Tapp, Josh Wilson, Ken Lucas and Jackson. The linebackers and line detonated Seattle's rush defense.