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Craig Terrill Lifts Darryl Tapp's Quarterback Sack

The first quarter ended quietly. Craig Terrill sacked Shaun Hill and forced San Francisco to start the second quarter punting. The Seahawks looked to be in it, and maybe if things had broken differently they would have been. But things didn't. Things broke in Matt Hasselbeck's body instead.

  • Jimmy Raye dialed up a play-action pass to fullback Moran Norris. Deon Grant descended on it and tackled Norris in the flat for no gain. It was a fruitless ending to a futile play call.
  • Raye then attacked Seattle's center, but this time Seattle stopped him. Red Bryant gave David Baas a hard push off the snap and Baas recoiled clear into Norris. Frank Gore adjusted, but the disruption made the route too long to the hole and unblocked Cory Redding closed from the left and tackled Gore after a gain of one.
  • Then came Guitar Hero's sack. He didn't do poorly, per se, but he wasn't the star despite recording the stat. Terrill was over center and he battled a double team to a draw. He kept Chilo Rachal and Eric Heitmann out of his body and that allowed him to disengage and wrap Hill when he scrambled.
  • The star was, is, Darryl Tapp. Tapp was playing right end in Seattle's pass rush line. Beside him was Redding. Redding got a great jump off the snap and that allowed Tapp to move forward and then laterally, stunting towards a sagging pocket. Baas dropped his double team of Redding and engaged Tapp. Or tried to. Tapp met Baas with a swim-spin-swim and ran past him and towards Hill. That flushed Hill out of the pocket and into Terrill's arms. My words don't do the move justice. It was cool.