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Updating the Seattle Seahawks Injury Status

Danny O'Neil, infrequent criticism aside, my go to guy for Seahawks information, has compiled Jim Mora's comments on Seattle's multiple injuries. Here is the summary in inverted pyramid style.

Matt Hasselbeck: Everyone, including Hasselbeck, wants Hasselbeck to play this weekend, but we are no surer of if he will than we were yesterday. The Seahawks game against the Bears is being built up as an important win for Seattle. I am just heartened Hasselbeck is close. The initial reports sounded dire.

Walter Jones: Jones will practice. Mora procrastinated a decision on if he will start. It is noteworthy that Seattle has not made any moves to add depth at offensive tackle.

Brandon Mebane: Is not practicing today, but is described as feeling "much better".

Deion Branch: Branch is practicing with the team and is expected to play this Sunday. All discussion about his durability aside, Seattle is building a good pass offense. Branch could still be their best receiver.

Lofa Tatupu: Tatupu sounds doubtful as of now. After returning prematurely against San Francisco, I think Seattle is being more cautious with him. Some glaring misreads aside, I think Seattle can weather a week of David Hawthorne.

Chris Spencer: Spencer would be higher on the list, but zounds, Steve Vallos is playing good football. Funny the life of an analyst. I helped create Vallos' bad reputation, and now, after he snapped his way into the bad graces of Seahawks fans, I find myself defending him for what was a solid game despite the bush league snapping.

Travis Fisher: Fisher is important because he is a corner, and that is a position Seattle is very thin at. Fisher is also important because he is pretty dang talented. I think what I first wrote about Fisher still stands:

...Seattle's fourth best zone defender now that Jordan Babineaux is committed to safety...Once upon a time Fisher was a pretty good athlete, but it's anyone's guess how much of that's been lost to a rash of knee and groin injuries. But Fisher has a chance to make the opening day roster and should he, Fisher could surprise.

I don't know where to stash this sentiment, so this post will do. I was as realistic/pessimistic as anyone entering this season, but after two weeks, I see a team with real potential. Things fell apart on Sunday, but Seattle is building a very good pass offense. If it can stay healthy and get its weapons on the field together, Branch, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, John Carlson, Nate Burleson, Deon Butler, Julius Jones and Justin Forsett comprise a very talented group of skill position players. I could fill this post with my hope, but I'll keep it simple: The season is not over, Seattle has survived a scare or three, and if this team can get healthy, I have no doubt it is the most talented team in the NFC West.