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Greg Knapp Leaves Me Missing the Fullback Draw

What to say about the ensuing drive. Seattle started on its four and didn't get much farther. The first play was a run, and it ended when Brandon Frye couldn't hold off Justin Smith. No surprise there. Then Matt Hasselbeck scrambled for two. That scrambling fool. Finally, Greg Knapp dialed up a play call so defeatist it makes the fullback draw look daring.

Seattle aligned two wide receivers, left and right, an "I" formation and John Carlson at tight end. He started on the left and motioned right. San Francisco was in a 4-2 nickel. Matt Hasselbeck motions to Justin Griffith and then throws to Justin Griffth. Griffith drops it. Net loss: About three yards. Covering Griffith: Patrick Willis. Grape Nuts: Neither a grape nor a nut.

Jon Ryan punts it 36 yards.