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Courtney Greene Signs with Jacksonville

Readers number_twentyone brought this to my attention and I thought it deserved a front page post. reports that Courtney Greene signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars and will be on their active roster. The intriguing detail is that Seattle was set to re-sign him to their practice squad.

Courtney Greene was all set to return Sunday to the Seattle Seahawks. The rookie from New Rochelle had completed rehab for his sprained left knee, and after being cut by Seattle Labor Day weekend, he was prepared to reach the NFL by way of the practice squad.

Hours before Greene boarded a flight back to Seattle on Sunday, he learned his NFL dreams would be realized on this side of the country.

That kind of too-clever roster wrangling, and pound foolish money saving is nothing new to Seahawks fans, but this is a reminder that not much has changed. Tim Ruskell has found some hidden talent and pulled off a few financial coups, but he gets too cute with penny ante decisions. His most infamous blunder was losing Steve Hutchinson. The loss and decisions that led to the loss have become the third rail of Seahawks coverage. Ruskell doesn't want to talk about it and fans don't want to read about it. Was the decision made before he arrived? Could he have anticipated the Vikings treachery? I don't know, but applying the transition tag to Hutchinson sure fits Ruskell's MO.

Greene didn't show much in the preseason, but he has pro talent. I praise Ruskell when he finds pro talent for cheap, be it a free agent or a late draft pick, but when he loses pro talent to retain Mike Hass or Logan Payne, I have to chide him. Seattle lost special teams and secondary depth, but it didn't have to. It could have signed Greene to the practice squad and allowed him to heal in the confines of the VMAC.