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Justin Forsett Proves Riemann Hypothesis with Broken Abacus

SNL had a running sketch about Bill Brasky. The format is a classic of humor, sketch comedy and improv: a series of tall tales and one-upsmanship that starts from the extreme and runs to the absurd. As I remember, it was usually slotted in the final half an hour with the near-rejects and experimental sketches. It predates and possibly influenced Chuck Norris Facts. The key to the joke working was exceeding the viewers already exaggerated expectations.

Justin Forsett did not drag five 49ers five yards. He did not punch a hole in Nate Clements and heal him with mercy alone. He did not cut a rift through time, catch the bullet as it left Booth's Derringer and use it to gun down a young Oswald, return to the field through an invisible worm hole, wear Mike Singletary as a skin suite, cancel American Dad and score the Super Bowl winning touchdown. He hit the hole, broke three tackles and dragged massive defensive lineman Ray McDonald three yards before being gang tackled. It was awesome. Most significantly, he hit the hole.

Forsett may not yet have proven to me he is a starting running back to be, but he did do something on this run Julius Jones has struggled with all season and preseason: He hit the hole quick enough to evade backside pursuit. That is huge in a zone blocking scheme and something Jones is struggling with. Everything that followed, the preemption of Apartheid, the invention of cancer fighting Butterfinger bars, the Two State Solution and dissolution of Al Qaeda, never happens without that fast first step into the hole.

Justin Forsett ran for fourteen and the first.