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Happy Birthday Matt Hasselbeck!

Who knew a touchdown drive could be so discouraging? The final three plays of the drive had a little salt for everyone's wounds.

Nate Burleson skidded on granules running an option* route towards rather than away Nate Clements. Credit Clements if you will, Thom did, but Burleson needs to catch that. He did briefly, but couldn't wrap before Clements jarred it loose. Oh, what if, what if.

Then Hasselbeck assaulted the goal line.


Then a swing pass to Julius Jones went through San Francisco' secondary like salt, making the conversion look easy and the effort involved a frustrating reminder of the Seattle's sloppiness and bumbling. We won't soon mine this crystal from the brackish depths of our memories. Best to hope we can soon take Sunday's panic with a pinch.

*Best guess.**