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Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks Game Thread

Mike Holmgren nurtured Seneca Wallace into the quarterback he is today. Wallace will forever be in debt to him for his tutelage and patience. Holmgren coached him up, but didn't know how to maximize his skill set. He wanted a pocket passer - a lesser Matt Hasselbeck.

Greg Knapp has made his career coaching quarterbacks like Wallace. His greatest success came coaching Jeff Garcia. Wallace could be Garcia. His progression has grown to serviceable and Knapp knows how to alternate open plays with designed plays. Knapp should break Wallace in with screen passes to the backs and wide receivers, runs and play-action. The latter two will be crucial. Seattle will most likely struggle to rush against Chicago, but if they can grind out yards and keep the rush viable, we should see the deep pass unleashed like it hasn't been since..2004? 1998?

Some spot starters and depth could decide this game. Watch to see how Owen Schmitt reads the rush lanes and if the Seahawks get Justin Forsett involved to take advantage of their chemistry. Deon Butler will be a factor. Expect to see him playing outside T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Wallace to target him deep if Chicago adjusts to defend Housh.