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Julius Jones Receives Behind Two Waves of Lead Blockers for 39 and the Touchdown

Possession Seahawks
Game Clock 10:35
Field Position CHI 39
Quarter 1
Down and Distance 3rd and 19

The screen pass Julius Jones caught for 39 yards and the touchdown was something to behold. It was tailored to Seneca Wallace and it caught Chicago running the exact wrong play. I am curious if anyone has seen a screen quite like it.

Seattle starts out heavily unbalanced left. The Bears line is spread wide and its linebackers are challenging the "A" gaps. This is a familiar formation in the modern NFL and one the Giants and Rams employed to give the 2008 Seahawks fits. Teams will fake middle blitz to get the offense to shift protection. If they read pass, the defense could audible into a real blitz.


What happens next is a kind of super-screen that takes advantage of Seneca Wallace's quickness and agility. The Bears blitz six: three linebackers and the free safety but drop the right end into cover. Wallace retreats and retreats. Chris Spencer and Max Unger pull to the second level.


Wallace retreats even farther. Rob Sims and Ray Willis pull to the second level. Wallace is ten yards behind the line of scrimmage when he passes to Jones. Jones runs behind Sims and Willis. He breaks the tackles of Hunter Hillenmeyer and Charles Tillman. Jones has blockers all the way down the right sideline.


I don't think I've ever seen a screen that sends out blockers in waves of two or that starts from ten yards behind the line of scrimmage.