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Your Vainglorious Boasting Will Only Add Savor to my Inevitable Triumph

Seattle's 2010 1st Round Pick From Denver: 26th-32nd

Players Available in the Range: Clot Colt McCoy, QB (Texas), Morgan Burnett, SS (Georgia Tech), Brandon Graham, DE (Michigan)

As Henry Hill might have said, "This... is the bad time." The Seahawks are 1-2 with a rapidly emptying bandwagon, while our old Rocky Mountain rivals are 3-0 and looking... gasp! Competent! 

Of course, this doesn't make the trade any less idiotic from Denver's perspective. Perhaps it's less painful for them to give up a later pick in the first round, and if they make the playoffs Broncos fans won't care, but it was still a baldly wrongheaded move. Even at 3-0 against questionable competition, they are still a team building for the future, and they gave up a key building block. 

No way around it: Right now I look like a total jackass. Any Denver fan out there reading this would be totally justified in raining down childish taunts upon me, and I'd have little ammunition for a retort. In the NFL the ONLY currency is wins, and until the Broncos start losing, frankly I got nothin'. 

Thankfully it's a long season, and there's still plenty of time for Denver's stagecoach to tumble into the gully. So like John and John wrote, we must be silent, we must contain our secret smiles. 

They won't get to play Oakland or Cleveland every week, will they now?