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Seattle Seahawks First Quarter Notes: Blocking


The Bears blitzed five times in the first quarter. Seattle's offensive line was steady with few exceptions. Ray Willis was beat around the edge once, and on another play the defensive end took him deep into the pocket. Seneca Wallace refused to step up in the pocket and instead scrambled left.

Willis was having the most trouble pass blocking and Max Unger was having the most trouble run blocking. He missed two blocks on defenders that would end up tackling Jones.

2-7-CHI 31 (1:28) 22-J.Jones right end to CHI 28 for 3 yards (38-D.Manning)

Unger pulled right and dropped a nice looking cut block, but he went down too fast and didn't get a body on Manning. Manning avoided the block and tackled Jones.

The single most impressive pull of the quarter was by Chris Spencer on this play:

1-10-SEA 15 (5:27) 22-J.Jones up the middle to SEA 31 for 16 yards (38-D.Manning)

Spencer snapped and then fluidly pulled into the second level without delay. He engaged Hunter Hillenmeyer and took him out of the play.

The single most impressive block was by Rob Sims. He locked up right defensive tackle Israel Idonije and then threw him to ground.

1-10-CHI 45 (12:43) 22-J.Jones right tackle to CHI 40 for 5 yards (53-N.Roach).

Nick Roach beat John Carlson and tackled Jones after five.