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Seattle Seahawks First Quarter Notes: Seneca Wallace

Seneca Wallace:

1-10-CHI 30 (11:19) (Shotgun) 15-S.Wallace pass short right to 81-N.Burleson pushed ob at CHI 25 for 5 yards (55-L.Briggs).

2-5-CHI 25 (11:04) 15-S.Wallace FUMBLES (Aborted) at CHI 39, and recovers at CHI 39. 15-S.Wallace pushed ob at CHI 39 for no gain (92-H.Hillenmeyer).

Wallace spoiled a play-action screen pass to Nate Burleson. The play was supposed to be bang-bang: Wallace fakes a hand off to Jones out of shotgun and then hits Burleson curled in the right flat. Instead, Wallace reacted to imagined pressure, dropped deep into the pocket and rolled out right before finally passing to Burleson. It went for five, but should have been longer.

He tossed a fumble on the next snap and recovered it for a loss of 14. Wallace had the time and space to throw it out of bounds and avoid the lost yards.

2-8-SEA 33 (4:30) (Shotgun) 15-S.Wallace pass incomplete short right to 84-T.Houshmandzadeh (33-C.Tillman).

He hit T.J. Houshmandzadeh right in the hands on a good read and accurate pass. Housh dropped it.

3-4-CHI 28 (:50) (Shotgun) 15-S.Wallace pass incomplete deep right to 81-N.Burleson.

This was the heartbreaker. Charles Tillman attempted to jam Nate Burleson, but Burleson shook the jam and got behind Tillman in a flash. The Bears were in cover one and the right side of the field was completely open deep. Wallace lobbed a pass to the wide open Burleson but threw it way too far for Burleson to catch it. A bad pass nets good yardage and a first down. A good pass gets a touchdown.