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Seattle Seahawks First Quarter Notes: Rushing and Receiving

Rushing and Receiving:

The modified-option pass that Seneca Wallace threw to lead blocker Owen Schmitt was a great play design in a quarter of great play designs.

3-4- (2:31) (Shotgun) 15-S.Wallace pass short right to 81-N.Burleson pushed ob at CHI 34 for 16 yards (24-A.Afalava).

Seattle set in trips right with Burleson on the inside angle. John Carlson and Deion Branch pulled forward and Burleson ran open into the right flat. The play functioned like a crossing pattern, getting Burleson open in the flat, but did not take nearly as long to develop.

After T.J. Houshmandzadeh dropped the aforementioned pass, a Bear linebacker collided with him and it looked like jammed his wrist. He shook it off, but went to the sideline and into the tunnel at the end of the first quarter.

Burleson missed his hole on a toss sweep to the right. He should have run between his blockers and instead cut to the sideline and outside Houshmandzadeh. Housh wasn't sustaining his block and that might have influenced Burleson's decision.

Julius Jones and Owen Schmitt showed good chemistry and the two teamed for a productive first quarter run game.