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Seattle Seahawks First Quarter Notes: Linebackers and Linemen

Patrick Kerney was getting pressure off the edge, but not consistently. He forced an incomplete on the third play of the game. He clearly isn't Seattle's best defensive linemen or even end anymore. I hope he's amenable to renegotiating his contract this offseason or cool with getting cut. I'd rather Seattle retained Darryl Tapp or Cory Redding over Kerney.

Colin Cole had a strong quarter. He disrupted one play and recorded a nice shed and tackle towards the end of the quarter. Brandon Mebane keeps opponents from teeing off on Cole and against most guards and centers, he can withstand a single block.

Aaron Curry broke contain on one play and Will Herring broke contain on another. Herring cleaned up his own mistake and Curry's was undone by an iffy crack back block call.

Gus Bradley showed two creative looks maximizing Tapp.

1-10-CHI 35 (9:39) 22-M.Forte right guard to CHI 37 for 2 yards (57-D.Hawthorne).

Seattle set 4-3 over, but with Darryl Tapp playing strongside linebacker and Aaron Curry playing right defensive end. Curry dropped into cover and Tapp came untouched around right end. Chicago called a run, but Tapp would have killed against a pass.

1-10-SEA 17 (5:35) 6-J.Cutler pass short right intended for 13-J.Knox INTERCEPTED by 57-D.Hawthorne [55-D.Tapp] at SEA 12. 57-D.Hawthorne to SEA 15 for 3 yards (13-J.Knox).

Cole was playing nose tackle and to his left were Brandon Mebane and Lawrence Jackson. Tapp was well outside Orlando Pace's left shoulder - on an island. Seattle used its size and Mebane's pass rushing ability to create a 4-3/3-4 hybrid look. The look worked to perfection. The Bears line struggled to control Seattle's powerful left-side line and that allowed Tapp to overmatch Pace one-on-one. He hit Jay Cutler as he threw. The soft lob was tipped by Johnny Knox before being intercepted by David Hawthorne.

Don't wait for the commentators to tell you. The West Coast Defense is here and though subtle, it's looked smart, effective and personnel appropriate.