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Give Ced a Shot

Cedric Peerman fumbled in the first preseason game of his career. It is a wonder he wasn't cut that second. Ced has small hands. Could he wrap his hands around a mayonnaise jar? Maybe, but scouts aren't convinced that skill will translate to ball security. It's a savage, kinky, esoteric world scouts live in. He was productive at Virginia - a good player on a horawful offense. But he wasn't healthy. Peerman was injured enough to scare off scouts and teams and that knocked him way back in the draft. A free agent after being cut by the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns, his draft position looks, well, accurate.

I was high on Peerman before the draft. I bristle when scouts project some physical limitation onto a skill. If Peerman had fumbling problems at Virginia, his hands would deserve scrutiny, but Peerman did not have fumbling problems at Virginia. He fumbled at the Senior Bowl and fumbled away a win against Miami last November. That fumble was his first lost fumble of his career. Fumbles happen so infrequently, I sometimes wonder if it's a meaningful stat. The sample size is tiny, tinier even than Peerman's gloves, and the difference between a fumble and a tackle often a matter of fractions of a second. Maybe his Ken-sized mitts keep him from being a pro, but I think a few fumbles only confirmed scouts built-in bias. No one took a ruler to Adrian Peterson's hands when he was dropping balls like an adolescent boy.

Peerman is a change of pace back that could eventually become a feature back. Seattle has that player. His name is Justin Forsett. And unlike Peerman, he has performed at the professional level. Peerman might have better upside, but I won't go to war defending that. What Peerman does have and Seattle is in desperate need of, is the ability to return punts and kicks without endangering a vital position player. Nate Burleson hurt himself returning last season before his knee gave out entirely. Josh Wilson hurt himself returning this season. Seattle could stick with Forsett and Ben Obomanu, but that's a less than tantalizing return duo. Peerman is free. Peerman is disposable. Peerman has upside. Most importantly, Peerman has practice squad eligibility.

Give Ced a shot, Tim Ruskell. He's a deacon, y'know?