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Darryl Tapp is Tyler Durden--No, Aaron Curry is the Narrator


Gus Bradley's play design is clearest if I knock out the offense and just show the defense. It's another little wrinkle that turns on the versatility of Darryl Tapp and Aaron Curry. The play turned into a run stuff that caught Matt Forte for a loss of one, but it would have crushed a pass too. Call it a blitz if you will, but Seattle ripped through the Bears offense with only four pass rushers. Here's how:


The white indicates a delay. Redding adjusted and ran to the ball carrier, but it was clear he was designed to stunt and run a path very similar to the one he actually ran. Brandon Mebane ran clear into the backfield untouched. That really gummed up everything the Bears were trying to do as the pulling left guard had to redirect and meet Mebane in the backfield. Bryant was single-blocked by Olin Kreutz. That was a big ol' handful of not happening as Bryant tore through him and right to Forte. Call it a loss of one and a half.