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Raider Nation Descends on Seattle

The Seahawks face Al Davis' ghoulish horde and that can only mean one thing: Raider Nation. Take it away sub-humans.

Here we see the Nation at rest. The arrhythmic dancing and head-bobbing create fraternal bonding and subtly broadcasts prowess and hierarchy.

It takes many losing seasons and many a Chargers pelt to become the man that wears the gorilla suite.

The nation can become antagonized in an instant, turning stadium into arena and fandom into a brutal fight for survival.

The Nation is known to wound foes and then stalk them Komodo Dragon-like as the sepsis takes hold. Like Al Davis once said "It may take us a short while, but we'll get that nastiness of the Raiders back."

The smell of blood has a way of transforming the Nation. It becomes lethargic but unstoppable en masse. Stumbling towards life, cannibalistic, desperate for the brains it lacks, gruesome but laughable at first, the Raider Nation slowly becomes unstoppable. The Necromancer and his legion arrive today. Pack your shotgun, the Raider Nation arrives tonight.