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Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks Game Thread

We have one more day to root against injuries and then it's time for real football, NFL regular season football. During any given Sunday I am known to pace my living room like a caged tiger, fist pump, stomp, yell, hit walls, yell some more and, yes, beat my chest. It's an intense ritual that will earn me an ambulance trip to the morgue some day. But it's mine, God damnit, and to steal a line from Harold Pinter, football excites me and makes life worth living.

There's a handful of guys that are actively fighting for their jobs tonight. This is the standout few's last chance to make the 53. The rest are auditioning for the Seahawks practice squad, the practice squad of the other 31, the AFL, the UFL, the CFL, the Pete Hunter call and the training camps of next season. You're gonna hear people that tell you the preseason sucks or that you're lame to care, but if you're here, reading this, you are too far gone, my friend; enjoy the obsession, the madness, the withdrawal lows and heroin highs, because if a Seahawks Super Bowl Win makes me beat my hearts into arrhythmia, then God will it.

So I call on you to complete this post. Let us start this thread with a KSK style fantasy draft. What second stringer do you want to step up and dominate? Why? Rules are simple: Player must be a rookie, second stringer or player new to his position. Once a player is selected, that player is off the board. No Aaron Curry. Predict stats if you want. Winner gets recognition in the post game.

Have at it.

Courtney Taylor: 4 receptions..76 yards..TD