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Watch Guitar Man Rock

This was sent my way and agreed to post it. Since I am broached about charity events often, I think it's time to create a policy. So here goes: If you wish to endorse a charity event related to the Seahawks, please use the FanPost section. There is no need to email me or ask permission, charitable events are appropriate FanPost content. I hope that clears things up. I am totally down with anything charitable, but I don't want Field Gulls proper to become a place for press releases. As has been established, it's a place for swearing and Comcast ads.

I think an alter ego of mine once said of Craig Terrill's music "you'll wish it was a Rick Roll."

Hi John,
My name is April and I work with Seahawks defensive lineman Craig Terrill. Monday October 5th Craig will be hosting a MNF event at Nectar Lounge for the Green Bay vs Minnesota game. During half time and post game Craig will play some of his tunes. The charity Craig and his wife support is Gloria's Angels.  Tickets are $10 when bought online at or $15 at the door. I'm not sure if this is possible but If you guys have the time would you mind posting this on your site? We are hoping to get a packed house. 99.9 is also supporting us via radio but we have not had much web coverage. If you do decide to blog about it and need more info or picts please let me know. Thank you for your consideration, it is appreciated.
April Kyrkos