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Comcast Pays SBN, Me

BN has signed a contract with Comcast. If this were a magazine, this post would have "special advertising section" printed above it and run without attribution. Journalists do not want to discredit themselves by writing copy for a product. I'm not sure that model will last ten years, so this is what we got. I believe in SBN the company, so I am swallowing my pride and playing good soldier.

Comcast has a product called Red Zone. I know about it through advertisements and word of mouth. In fact, I lifted the link from Niners Nation. Thanks Fooch. I am not a cable subscriber. I do not watch much TV, but if cable channels were offered independently and not as an exorbitant package deal, I might buy Fox Sports Northwest so I could watch my Mariners again. So my understanding of Comcast is limited. Maybe they are developing puppies that fight cancer or maybe they own chemical weapons plants in Syria. I know Comcast only as the company that sends me far and away the most junk mail.

Red Zone flips to a game when a team enters the red zone. Truth in advertising there. This is not a product I would want. I enjoy the thread of a game. After investing hours in an early game, I sometimes have trouble switching over to watch the Seahawks. I do not think a game becomes more exciting when a team enter the red zone. I like the drive, the battle of field position and especially football's awesome ability to erupt into exciting play at any moment. The very idea of the "red zone" is artifice to me.

But as has been established, I am not Comcast's target market. This is an ongoing discussion I have with my wife. We'll see something like the recent Cadillac ad campaign where hyper-confident yuppy types sneer and talk about their car "turning them on". Neither of us understand the appeal, but neither of us are potential Cadillac buyers. But we're not normal. We sit around and read, and play Boggle and draw monsters, and tend our garden and watch long out of circulation programming like Spaced. We're terrible consumers really, and both pretty broke and ok with it.

But maybe Red Zone is your thing. I don't know. Maybe some suspicious user I've never seen before can relate its many cool features in the comment section. Maybe Brian Russell can shoot me a check so I can reevaluate the impact of his leadership and football acumen. He's like having a coach on the field!