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Josh Wilson Recovering Ahead of Schedule

Danny O'Neil reprints the practice report. Notable that Josh Wilson practiced, if in a limited capacity. That is great news. It could mean Wilson was less injured than previously thought or it could mean Wilson is a fast healer. Either is good news and speaks well to Wilson's ability to shake injury off and return at full strength.

Walter Jones did not practice, and it no longer seems likely he will return this week. Most telling is this quote from O'Neil: "Tackle Brandon Frye has a groin injury that will prevent him from practicing, but the hope is he will return to practice Thursday and be OK to play. " It's too bad what might be Jones last season in the NFL has turned into a dog and pony show. Seahawks fans have been fed progress reports since late July, but no practicable change in Jones' status has occurred. What little good I can take from this is that in a sketch way, Walter Jones is finally getting the star treatment. Like Seattle did with Matt Hasselbeck last season, the health status of Jones is elusive, but somehow always improving. You never know how important you are until someone puts a good spin on you.

The only other notable I wanted to mention is Brandon Mebane. Mebane wasn't at full strength last Sunday. Sure, he was good, but I also saw Mebane on the ground or blown back a lot more than I am used to. With his calf right, Mebane should be able to make a huge impact this Sunday. Seattle needs him more than ever.