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Kansas City Chiefs Cut Seahawks-linked Offensive Tackle Damion McIntosh

(Hat tip to master aggregator Mike Florio.)

The Kansas City Chiefs have cut 10 year veteran offensive tackle Damion McIntosh. McIntosh is the first cut that represents a player linked to Seattle's coaching staff that would fill an immediate need. He was signed to the Chiefs in Mike Solari's second season as Kansas City's offensive coordinator. He started fifteen games at left tackle in 2007, but shifted to right tackle in 2008. He fits the giant-sized mauler profile of Ray Willis, could back him up and also provide emergency depth at left tackle. He's not a great pass defender or a great tackle, but as a stopgap familiar with the Seahawks offensive line coach, he is a near ideal depth signing.

McIntosh cost $2.8 million against the cap in 2008 and saved Kansas City $2.2 million after being cut. He won't sign for the veteran minimum, but he will sign for considerably less than he was making last season. Seattle might have to move a semi-expensive veteran to sign McIntosh, but given its dearth of depth on the offensive line, that might be the right move to make.