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Seattle Seahawks Practice Squad Odds & Ends

It's Labor Day and I want to honor my former and forever brothers at Teamsters Local 162. Bend those knees! Field Gulls will be fully active again tomorrow, but today some light writing, barbecue and beer.

Seattle will announce its practice squad sometime this afternoon. When it's up I'll post it with all due commentary. Some names are confirmed. Logan Payne and Mike Hass made it. Payne has some small upside, but I wonder when that Biletnikoff sheen will come off Hass. He hasn't done anything as a pro since being drafted. He has eight receptions for 101 yards in 12 preseason games, and his production in the preseason has dropped three straight seasons.

Jamar Adams is in. It's good Seattle hasn't given up on his potential entirely, but he hasn't developed. Adams is quickly becoming an afterthought.

The final notable name of those announced is Devin Moore. Moore took my criticism of being a routine all-speed and no-size non-drafted free agent running back and turned it into 75 yards...on 22 carries. Eh. Buried in the hoopla of a couple nice cuts was that Moore ran eight times for no gain or negative yards. Oakland has had one of the worst rush defenses in the NFL for the last two seasons. Years of bad drafting has left their depth as thin as Al Davis' patience. Moore struggled against one of the worst rush defenses in professional football. Today he is a Seahawk, but he's no Lynell Hamilton.