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The Significance of Seattle Signing Brandon Frye

You might be surprised to read that Brandon Frye is a former Field Gulls superstar. Well, not Courtney Taylor big, but Frye was quite lauded before the 2007 draft. He was listed as one of my top ten offensive linemen at the 2007 NFL Combine because of his combined bench, short shuttle and 32 ½" vertical at 301. That list looks pretty good right now. Joe Thomas and Justin Blalock are young stars. Tony Ugoh and Allen Barbre are starters. Doug Free is the Cowboys backup for Flozell Adams at left tackle. Of the remaining players, only James Marten is as low as practice squad. The other four are on their teams' 53 man roster*.

That now includes Frye. I first saw Frye at right tackle, but his height and stoutness had me thinking guard by April of 2007. He was featured on my Sleepers list** because:

Frye didn't blow anyone away at the combine, but there is a lot to like about his recent performance at Virginia Tech. Like a 705 pound squat, 34" vertical, a 4.31 shuttle and a 29/38 on the Wonderlic. Frye is projected to slip into the second day on many draft boards, because, in large part, questions about his technique. Perhaps time will prove me wrong, but while I think technique is undervalued for skill position players, I think it's overvalued for lineman. Frye seems like a bright guy, and his body is NFL ready. If things play out like many have predicted, some smart team is going to get a very good right tackle or guard in the second day.

Houston drafted him in the fifth round but Frye was later released. Miami signed him, and he was worked into their guard rotation at the end of 2008. Miami has cut him and the Seahawks have now signed Brandon Frye and cut Kyle Williams. Williams is headed to the practice squad. Frye is now much what he was then. He's a powerfully built, athletic and agile lineman that creates huge explosion off the line and can move well in space. He gives Seattle another Mansfield Wrotto - another high upside guard that needs a lot of work on his technique. The Seahawks zone blocking scheme, with its emphasis on agility, open field blocking and quick decision making, should bring out the best in Frye.

I can't help it. I am excited. This is sort of homecoming. I hope Frye sticks and becomes somebody as a Seahawk. In this post-Brian Russell era, it's nice to be reminded that Field Gulls spends about 90% of its resources championing young players and only about 5% ripping veterans. The other 5%? Profantiy, pretention and carousing.

*I'll have to dust that formula off prior to the 2010 NFL Combine.

**That Adrian Peterson sure sucks, eh?