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Rose Bowl - Open Thread

I am sure Bobby Bowden wanted to be commemorated with orchestral indie pop. Nice touch there CBS.

Tim Jesus today says goodbye to the earthly plain of man and ascends. Riley Iscariot knows what TeJesus must endure. Skinner informed on HovaBow, told the Roman Scouts his location and total suckiness, and how to strip-sack him from twenty handbreaths. Enjoy the NFL Cross Jeesbow, its wood will be better for meeting your blood.

Also, if Tony Pike is broken in two, as is Stick Man's wont, a real quarterback prospect might take the field: Zach Collaros.

But first: The Astroglide Rose Bowl.

My interest in LSU is centered on second-tier left tackle prospect Ciron Black (70), second-tier defensive end prospect Rahim Alem (84), hidden first-tier wide receiver prospect Brandon LaFell (1) and return specialist Trindon Holliday (8). I don't know Penn State as well, but the Lions have some pro talent of interest: RB Evan Royster (22) and defensive tackle Jared Odrick (91) are draft eligible and could fill positions of need for the Seahawks. Royster isn't my flavor of running back, but Odrick is another name to consider in what is shaping up to be a very good defensive tackle class.

The DeLorean Swing Door Gator Bowl is also on. Epic tease Rodney Hudson (62) decided an education is more important than becoming a mid-twenties millionaire. It could have been epic guy. With your noire-ish name and position-transcending athleticism, 2010 could have been the start of an amazing subject-fan relationship. I'll forgive you, but don't price yourself out of range. I hate when that happens. Mountaineer back Noel Devine (7) is pretty close to amazing. He's only 175 and so his drafting team must see him for what he is and can do, but it's good -- kid's special: North-south, great footwork and pro speed.