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Brandon Marshall Out for Broncos with "Slight" Hamstring Pull

Herr McDaniels shall lead his troops over the Urals and into Stalingrad without his heavy guns. That's right, the Little Fuhrer that Could has completed his masterstroke of a season by benching Brandon Marshall for malingering. In review: Alienate and trade franchise quarterback, ride Mike Nolan's defense to an 8-7 record, and, in the pivotal game of the season, bench your best player and insinuate he's soft and unwilling to play through pain.


McGenius is another proud double agent ruining the NFL for his dark master. Hold on Broncos fans, I've read this book. 2009's foreshadowing of starvation, ruination and eventual canibalism leads not to starvation, ruination and canibalism, but, in a twist, to feasting on worm addled corpses and quarantine in the NFL's sewer system. Good teams are despised. Whatever the Broncos are becoming, pitied.

Hope Alphonso Smith was worth C.J. Spiller, McGenius.