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It's Official: Seahawks Announce Carroll As Head Coach

O'Neil at the Times with the story and some quotes.

The LA Times also has an interview up with Pete Carroll, the first since his resignation from USC. 

The most important thing to note is that (like we've been hearing for a few days now) Carroll has been given the title of head coach and not a dual team president role. According to Tod Leiweke, the search is still ongoing for a new general manager.From all indications, the GM and head coach will continue to be  separate roles within the organization, and that's good news. Carroll will likely have final say over who makes the 53-man roster, but will not have drafting, trading, and free agent signing responsibilities within the front office.

The team has their head coach, now they set their sights on a general manager. Let perhaps the most pivotal off-season in franchise history continue.