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Seahawks Score Coaching Legend Alex Gibbs

Has Alex Gibbs ever failed? It sure doesn't seem like it. The legendary line coach and primary innovator of zone blocking is reportedly Seattle bound, and bringing a truck load of cut blocks with him. Fear for your knees, NFC West, the sloppy pseudo-zone blocking attempted by Greg Knapp and Mike Solari is about to be fixed, finished and fully operational.

Gibbs loves athletic linemen. Seattle has the foundation of a very good line, but could use an upgrade at left tackle, where Sean Locklear is a bad mix of injury prone, low effort and unproven. Gibbs might attempt to reclaim Locklear, but I think it's much more likely that Seattle targets a prototypical Gibbs player. At the confluence of Pete Carroll and Alex Gibbs is Charles Brown.

Peanuts is a lean former tight end that oozes athleticism but lacks size, strength at the point and technique. He shot up mock draft boards, because..well I don't know. He's unfinished and thin. Defensive end prospects will tear his guts out over the next few weeks. He's a lump of clay, a slab of marble, a canvas awaiting the hands of a master.