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Scouting Report from the Past: Eric Unverzagt

Researching Warren Moon and this was just too good to pass up:

Eric Unverzagt

Pronounced "UN-verr-zot" and nickname is "Un-vee." . . . Says name has been shortened and that it used to mean "Not a care in the world." . . . Workout fanatic. . . . Was outside linebacker at Wisconsin and played inside linebacker in East-West game. . . . Seahawks will look at him first as inside linebacker, but he may move to strong-side backer. . . . Can deep-snap but isn't up to NFL standards . . . Durable player who started 33 games in a row for the Big Ten school. . . . 4.65 speed. . . . Intense. Seahawk linebacker coach Mike Murphy said Unverzagt "walked back and forth like a caged lion" before running 40-yard dash at workout in Wisconsin. . . . Made 19 tackles against Purdue last season.

Supposedly from the Seattle Times, but I can't confirm that independently. It seems legit. This isn't to make fun of Eric Unverzagt, that's what the book is for, but only to remind a healthy skepticism informs a smart scout.