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Fiesta Bowl - Game Thread

Update: Here's a quick list of prospects cribbed from NFL Draft Scout:


DE/RushLB: Jerry Hughes (98)

ILB: Daryl Washington (41)


CB: Kyle Wilson (1)

Greeting from outside the Schooner Pub & Galley. Alanya and I are lost at sea attempting to move my stuff into my new room. In typical Seahawks fashion, a simple travel day has turned into a maelstrom of misadventures. If we catch a fair wind, I might yet moor in time to see tonight's contest. The Horned Frogs face the Broncos for the honor of ending the season undefeated and the infamy of it not really mattering. I'm pulling Frog, if only because of David Hawthorne. If I make it ashore before game time, I will list some potential talents to survey, but for now, clumsy nautical analogies will have to do.