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Coaches Worth a Damn: Pete Carmichael Jr

Greetings from the belly of the La Quinta Inn. I ducked in and took the stairs. No one takes the stairs--especially not on the fourth floor. I attempted to do this the semi-legit way. Went to a Denny's nearby and gave the menu a hard serious look before finding I couldn't connect. A couple older men were having a grave, slow and quiet conversation about business. One was doing the talking. The other, from what I could eavesdrop, was having his fading hopes crushed.

It's good to be young. One of the true, undeniable and timeless assets. Two straight seasons of frustration and incompetence have not crushed my hopes. I still believe a great Seahawks team can arise before my skin sags and teeth yellow. It's going to take an infusion of young talent, a person with the vision to find that talent and, maybe, a coach worth a damn.

Jim Mora isn't out. Yet. But let's pretend. I'm wet. I'm damn near bedraggled. I'm trespassing for sure. And I've about 30 minutes of battery life before I must steal. Therefore I've no time to debate the Mora matter. For the record: freeze and excise this growth. It's ugly but harmless now, but it's bad intentions and woe on us if it stumbles into success.

Pete Carmichael Jr.: Carmichael is the Saints offensive coordinator. It's his first year in the position and so he might not yet be ripe for promotion. Before serving the Saints at OC, he was the quarterbacks/passing game coordinator. He took that position in 2006. That's the season Drew Brees joined the Saints and metamorphosed from broken down, but talented young quarterback to Breesus. That's also the season Marques Colston went from seventh round "who" to rookie #1 receiver. Here's a quick snippet from Carmichael's bio:

As offensive coordinator, Carmichael will bring the perspective of having a wide range of coaching experiences, including working with nearly every position group on offense during his career. With the Chargers, he assisted wide receivers coach James Lofton for an offense that ranked 10th in the NFL in 2004 and 2005. Carmichael joined the Chargers in 2002 and served as offensive assistant/quality control until being promoted.

Carmichael graduated from Boston College with a degree in mathematics. Oh yeah. He's a fast riser with limited executive experience, but I have no problem with selecting a prodigy--and check his record. Prodigy is correct. We're left to wonder about his availability, but coaches find a way. If ever there was a time in Seahawks history to take a chance, it's now.

Onward. I better move around to avoid detection. Until then.