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Worst. Seahawks. Ever!

Last year back on my humble little home blog, I ranked every squad in team history (76-08), and planned to come back after the '09 season and adjust the rankings. Sadly, I've concluded that this version of the Seahawks is the worst that the franchise has ever fielded. Worse than the '76 expansion Hawks, worse than the 14-loss 1992 team.

How can a 5-win team be considered worse than teams that only notched a pair of victories? My detailed explanation after the jump...

First, to follow with the methodology I established on my own blog:

34. 2009

Record: 5-11
Offensive Rank: 25th out of 32 teams
Defensive Rank: 25h out of 32
Turnover Ratio Rank: 26th out of 32
Team MVP: Olindo Mare
High Point: Seahawks 20, 49ers 17
Low Point: Buccaneers 24, Seahawks 7

How bad were the 2009 Seahawks? Not only did no members of the team get selected to the Pro Bowl, but the team's two best players were probably Kicker Olindo Mare and Punter Jon Ryan. No other Seahawks team in franchise history lost in blowout fashion more than the '09ers, who lost seven games by margins of 17 points or more. The 2009 Seahawks had no 1,000 yard rusher, no 1,000 yard reciever, and no defender with more than five sacks or more than three interceptions.

Not only did this team lose, but they often lost big with little fight and even less pizazz. The expansion Hawks of '76 and the 1980 4-win team had Zorn and Largent to at least create a modicum of offensive excitement, and the '92s boasted Cortez Kennedy's DPOY performance, a memorable MNF win over the hated Broncos, and a 1,000-yard rusher in Chris Warren. Even in 2008 the Seahawks were more competitive, dropping close games to the Patriots, 49ers, Dolphins, Redskins and Cardinals, and beating Brett Favre's Jets in Holmgren's final snowglobe home game.

Even most of Seattle's wins in 2009 were disheartening. Yes, it was a blast killing the Niners' season with a late FG, and it was fun to see the Seahawks flatten Jacksonville 41-0... But falling behind the 2-win Lions 17-0 at Qwest before winning ugly? Ugh. Two more wins over the overmatched, 1-win Rams? Nothing to celebrate, other than a feeling of relief that the Seahawks didn't dishonor themselves with defeats.

Embarassing, non-descript shittiness. That's the legacy of the 2009 Seahawks. May a quick tunaround lead to the '09s being a shameful, but soon forgotten, footnote in team history.

BONUS: My complete rankings of all 34 squads in franchise history.. links take you to my write-up on each. Enjoy!

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